Drums Only Recordings  

These drums only songs can be freely used for whatever you wish, including practice, video, and live performance. If you upload any recording using these tracks, please send a link to me at: shane@redeyepercussion.com.

  If you download a file, please at least watch the first 20 seconds of the video so I get a view out of it. Thanks.  
  Come Together - wav / mp3  
  Dear Prudence - wav / mp3  
  Don't Let Me Down - wav / mp3  
  Get Back - wav / mp3  
  Girl - wav / mp3  
  No Video  
  Here Comes The Sun - wav / mp3  
  Maxwell's Silver Hammer - wav / mp3  
  Norwegian Wood - wav / mp3  
  Octopus's Garden - wav / mp3  
  Revolution - wav / mp3  
  Sgt. Pepper's Loneyly Hearts Club Band...With A Little Help From My Friends - wav / mp3  
  Something - wav / mp3  
  Strawberry Fields Forever - wav / mp3